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Alzeimers: Psycholgoical Malfunctioning of the Brain

Alzheimer is a brain disease which generally happens after the age of 35 years. Alzheimer is basically the sudden drop of the memory capacity which leads to forgetfulness in general. Alzheimer is also termed as the cognitive process of deterioration and weakening of the memory power. Alzheimer is a disease which is found to be popular in the old stage of one’s development. Alzheimer is most commonly found above the age of 45 years. The signs which are generally visible during Alzheimer include mononeural fistula; tonic clonic muscles and inavesolarian ataxia. Alzheimer is a disease which affects the cerebral cortex of the brain and hence known as the cerebral cortex dysfunction. Alzheimer is also termed as the cocaine of the brain.

Alzheimer’s warning signs

One of the characteristic signs and symptoms of Alzheimer is the gradual memory loss while performing tasks. Aside from memory loss it leads to confusion regarding space and time. It also results in poor judgment although the dementia is mild. Alzheimer also involves abnormal function of the senses with loss of the sense of touch and pain caused due to fractured of the hard palate of the mouth. Some signs include convulsions, delusions, hysteria, agitation, depression, agitation, agitation, delirium, dementia, confusion, stupor, nightmare, agitation, aggression, rage, irritability, memory loss, fever,ogoriasis, chorea, hallucinations, dementia, insomnia, profound restlessness, insomnia, persistence grief, temperature of -35°C or -42°C or even loss of sensation.

Dementia is also a form of Alzheimer’s disease and the major symptoms include the loss of memory, the shape of the body becomes unfamiliar, there is loss of speech, movement or recognition of others or the same thing repeated several times. The dementia can also cause confusion and other problems.

Alzheimer’s treatment

The most important thing to remember while facing this disorder is that it can be managed and you should know the other means to face it. It has been seen that after the help of relatives, family care, nutrition and physical therapy Alzheimer’s disease is better understood and treated. Let us discuss the measures that should be followed before the manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease.

First and foremost, it is very important to have a Taller and Stronger body so as to be able meet the above mentioned conditions. Nowadays, it is being believed by most of the people that they can outdo their ancestors. But it will never work if we forget our weak spots or fail to take care of our body. That is why, it is of utmost importance to embark on a healthy diet, not only to strengthen our body but also to enlarge our mind, thereby giving a new patter to our brain.

The most important thing about Healthy Diet is that it should be composed of all-natural ingredients. The other ingredients which you can find in our diet is Vitamin B6, Niacin, Astragalus, and Phosphatidyl Serine. All these are considered to be panacea or immunity substances for the body. Natural diet can be successful only if it has these five ingredients.

Next, we must know that the consumption of phosphatidyl serine is not only for the treatment of Alzheimer but it can also cure the effects of diabetes as well. The usage of this therapeutic substance is preferred by many diabetic people for better control of blood sugar. Serine is considered to be the apt treatment for the Alzheimer disease because the consumption of this will relieve the nervous system from theration of glucose, thereby increasing the blood sugar level and permits the brain to make better use of the sugar.

Alzheimer disease is a chronicella deformity wherein the brain or dentology of persons suffering from it tends to disintegrate and degenerate. The nerve cells or neurons do not grow or regenerate as in the normal aging person. The neurons or cells which fail to grow or divide postpone the growth of other neurons by sharing the protective structures. This condition generally happens after the person performs very old age or when the body suffers a trauma which could not be remedied by the organs.

The neuron or cells share the protective cover of the body by secreting insulin or insulin factors. These factors help the other cells to survive or function normally. exhibiting protective powers of insulin, thus, it protects the neurons or cells from any damage or disability. Thislining insulinor insulin factorsare not present in the body in the beginning of the disease.

While thending age, the consumption of fats causes the obesity and fat accumulation. This eventually results in the tissue and organ diseases. In such a case, the protective insulin or insulin factors do not work to grow or retain the body. This can be very harmful for any brain cells or organs.

Having these protective insulin or insulin factors ensures that the neurons or cells are healthy.

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