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Antioxidants – friends or Foe?

Antioxidants are molecular particles that cancel out the oxidation effect on the release of high energy molecules in the body and slow the aging process. Whether you are a stage athlete, a long distance runner, or a family man; by consuming antioxidants you gain the many important health benefits.

Where does the word antioxidant even come from? The word antioxidant is a derivative of two words, “amines” and “Oxidative Stress”. These are the work of free radicals that cause damage to cells in the body. The antioxidants combat the free radicals and repair the damage done by them. Today most of us are aware that free radicals are all around us and that they do damage to cells. This knowledge has led to a proliferation of antioxidants supplements and products. What is interesting to us is the range of antioxidants that are available. It is said that there are over 600 different types of antioxidants. Many of them carry both organic and inorganic antioxidants. Others are single antioxidant compounds. There are 25 antioxidant compounds known to man.

Many of the antioxidants come from plants; these are called phytochemicals. Under natural conditions, plants are transparent to the public and to each other. It is mostly their exposure to the sun that causes these neon colors to appear. Most of the antioxidants are created by the plants at the cellular level. It is estimated that over 35% of all antioxidants are weak organic compounds. A comparison of antioxidant effectiveness from variousifieroses showed that the flavonoids and carotenoids that come from dark blue fruits like blueberries and raspberries are over twice as potent as those found in dark yellow fruits like oranges.

Specialty antioxidants are found in grapes, wine, chocolate, berries, green tea and grass seed. Leafy green vegetables are high in antioxidants too. So are tomato products. People who consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables have less healthcare problems than people who have a poor diet.

Antioxidants play a role in allaying many conditions that happen in the body, such as: heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, cataracts, Parkinson’s disease, drug metabolism, atherosclerosis, and linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

The best way to introduce antioxidants into your diet is through a balanced diet. When we cannot consume the right amount of important vitamins and minerals for our bodies, oxidative stress results. Questions arise as to how to ensure that we get the full benefit of antioxidants from our diet. Is it possible to get the optimum effect from food alone? If so, what other supplements should we be consuming to stimulate the production of antioxidants within the body?

along with a balanced diet, a good multi vitamin mineral formula as well as some antioxidants supplements you need to be maintaining is a lifestyle that promotes wellness and longevity. A lifestyle that focuses on efficient metabolism in the body is one that promotes wellness. So a good multi vitamin mineral formula as well as some antioxidants supplements will ensure a healthy lifestyle and respeitute antioxidant function for the body.

So if you want to look and feel younger and give yourself more wiggle room to fit that dress you buy for yourself, than you must include some form of multi vitamin mineral, antioxidants supplements or a combination of both. Your body will thank you for it.

Paradoxically, some of the anti-aging products that we see for sale, are the ones that are responsible for producing more visible signs of aging such as wrinkles. When we see products that are formulated to deal with wrinkles and signs of aging, we largely continue to buy them.

There are reputable companies that do produce an array of healthful products that improve the appearance of aging skin and prevent damaging effects of aging. There are a range of good quality antioxidant supplements suitable for those who want to improve the anti oxidant function of the body. For examples there is answer-gen, a product suitable for body and hair that produce the proper amount of antioxidants and promote cell protection. There is also Co-enzyme Q10, vitamins and minerals that promote antioxidant activity and have potential to affect free radical damage to the cells.

As we age acai berry become more and more popular as a beneficial, natural solution to help deal with a range of anti-aging issues including:

As you age, your body produces less enzymes, therefore your fitness levels decrease. A movement towards obesity that creates a demand for weight control products.

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