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Health is a Journey

Health is a journey, it is not a destination. We may reach a destination while on our journey, but often the destination is not the destination we started to arrive at!

Many people believe that health is a one time investment. “I’ll start my health program on Monday,” someone will say. “Tobacco in school can be detrimental to my health, so I’ll quit Monday.” We can set up client camps in dense populations, we may even work with adolescents. But these are repetitive, require repetition, and don’t provide increased health benefits.

We must recognize the journey is a series of journeys, each segment define its own goal. In my office I use the “hypothesis test” to brainstorm potential health campaigns. We ask our colleagues what they would like to see. Typically the capsules they’d like to see are dieters, exercise, or brain training. My goal is to help achieve one capsule every two weeks. While the science of nutrition has taught us that providing multiple venues for people to reduce weight or maintain a regular healthy body habit is an effective strategy, we must focus on the journey.

Health is a Journey

I teach a four-hour class once a week called “Being Healthy starting Today.” The evening approaches like a closed deadline. The night before the class we review the most effective strategies we can use to become healthier this week. As usual it’s a matter ofichever ones we perceive as being the most compelling.

Conjunctivitis: Is the eyelid hyperethral dermatitis? Conjunctivitis is an infection of the lens of the eye and can be a scary ailment. What does it look like? What causes it? Here is an excellent website about Conjunctivitis:

DegenerativeEye Disease: This is more commonly known as macular degeneration. Aging, smoking, excessive caffeine, and cataracts are some of the causes of this disease. If the progression is allowed to continue, this damage will lead to blindness.

Dr. Price reported that many people that showed poor vision had high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. He postulated that a leading cause of poor vision in the elderly was blockage of the tear ducts of the cornea. The assumption was so that medications that reduced cholesterol might correct the condition leading to more people having bad vision, and therefore more people needing reading glasses or contact lenses. Prompt action was taken, and those withdamaged eyesight were given eye drops.

We all know someone who started taking the drug Thorazine after having cataracts removed. This drug is highly potent and must only be administered by specially trained physicians.Many of us have been prescribed some kind of lens to correct poor vision. The daily wear lens system was invented by the American Optometric Society in 1967, and has been a blessing for many. combo pl sunglasses are made for convenience, andistry, and they have delivered a resiliency and comfort to those who wear them.

Success stories about the advantages of daily wear lenses are well documented on the web. For more information about daily wear lenses see

If your eyes hurt, is your prescription not what it should be, or you just don’t feel good about yourself – daily wear contact lenses can solve your problems! People everywhere are embracing them.

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