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How to Get Skinny and Stay Healthy

The weight loss world seems to have a negative vibe about exercise. We suggest it as a solution to being overweight, but few people will listen. Let me tell you the down to earth inches loss mantra: Diet AND Exercise. Not just the former. Let me show you how you can use the two together to get skinny and stay that way.

If you follow these steps, you’ll start losing inches today, and at the same time you’ll be training yourself for a healthier lifestyle.

Find The Right Exercise Resinner

Aerobic exercises will do more than burn calories. It helps you get a leaner, more toned body. In order to be effective with an aerobic routine, you have to find the right kind of exercise program.

Most people ignore strength training, too. Strength training does an excellent job of re-shaping your body. It boosts your metabolism and helps you lose inches. The right kind of strength training, though, is an essential part of your workout routine.

Find The Right Diet

A diet is not necessarily the thing you do after working out. It is simply what you eat. The right diet is the one you love to do–it’s what you’ll follow most of the time.

Do you like a diet where you have things like “Forbidden Foods” and some “Dangerous” foods? The way to lose weight is not by forcing yourself through a diet that you don’t enjoy.  Following a diet on a long term basis is a sure way to fall off the diet in the long run. You will eventually stop following the diet.

You need to choose the diet that generates your metabolism. If the diet you have to follow causes your metabolism to slow down, you will not see lasting results.

The best diet generates a metabolism that works for you so that you feel energized and motivated to get up and walk. The right diet is the one that makes the diet fun and actually helps you lose weight.

Fuel The Body And Bump Up The Bad Boy, Hormones

The right exercise plan gives you your body the fuel it needs to work out. If you fuel your body in per term energy it will work out for you, and it naturally does so. Just staying right on the couch isn’t going to do much for your body. If you don’t fuel your body up with a balanced diet and the right exercise program, your body will fight you, and a LOT.

One of the reasons exercise and a balanced diet seems to be so difficult to do is that your body doesn’t like it and you can’t sweat the pounds away by eating tasteless carrots and celery sticks. The vitamin b12 your body needs, for example, is carried by your blood. If you don’t drink blood, you can’t get b12 and you won’t lose weight. Eating right and exercising will help you get all these vitamins and you need them to succeed in the long-run and be skinny for the rest of your life.

Eat yeah, but eat right

Eat the right things–chips, cookies, chips, Twinkies.  It’s hard to eat healthfully when you fill up on low-critical nutrition. The bottom line is to eat when you feel hungry. If you just ate a meal an hour ago, grab some carrot sticks or an apple. If you’re OK with sweet snacks, go ahead and eat them. If you’re already full, and there’s still some food on your stomach, don’t go ahead and eat the whole thing. Just eat enough so you can’t eat anymore. The key is to learn how to listen to your body.

Eat when you’re hungry and let yourself eat until you feel satisfied. If you trip on a hormonal in between meals, don’t hold out. Just get right back on your diet. The right exercise makes your body want to eat, getting into a feeding mood is a funny thing. It’s a way of telling your body that you need food. If you ignore that signal–and you will– you will never lose the weight.

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