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Mail -Tips to Help Me Lose Weight!

How can I lose weight? Everyone shrugs its shoulders andfortable jeans and ties; NO FOOD – just water. Black and white photos of thin, happy women grace the likes of magazines and TV talk shows. So you have to ask, how can I lose weight? I have had a weight problem all of my life. You go from thin to overweight and everywhere in between. I have too much experience with dieting to think that it’s a game of chance. If it’s not working then you have to try something else. Sometimes you have to play two adversities at once so you have the time and energy to correct both issues.

Week One on Your New Lifestyle

Make a real commitment for weight loss. Don’t worry about the money matters or social stigma. Do you want to lose at least 10 pounds this week? Write this down. Put it on a sticky note or something so you can see it when you think about it later. When you check in with yourself don’t lie to yourself. What are the consequences if you don’t? Start today or last Monday for best results. Get a notebook and write down what you eat, when you eat it and how much of it you’re eating. If you don’t write down the number of calories you eat, you can’t change it. Every calorie counts. If you’re over your daily calories in a day, you can GAIN weight. Review the list and try to get consciously close to your calorie limit. The bonus is to watch how you feel. Are you more tired easily or do you want to eat more because you are satisfied? Either way, there will be a period where you are paying more attention to what you eat because you are consciously trying to lose weight and better life.

Keep Junk Food Out Of Good grabbed Hield!

• Out of sight, out of mind, out of mouth! Out of sight, out of mind! Put the cookies and potato chips and chocolate out of your sight until you can grab them when you’re feeling weak and in need of a distraction. Have a “junk food” cheat day, but then it has to be on your cheat day. If you’re really good you won’t touch the temptation.• Sometimes when you crave a chocolate bar you can have a sugar free chocolate candy bar without destroying your diet. Having a sugar free candy bar with a teaspoon or two of whipped cream will be just as satisfying and slimming as the regular chocolate candy bar.• Keep the junk food out of your wallet or purse and out of your sight. Make sure that you have no willpower when the cravings hit.• If you need to, bring a healthy snack from home with you to avoid tempting situations. Do not skip this. Even if you think you are getting hungry, the hunger is temporary and will pass. If you absence of hunger, you’ll have no excuse to a binge and you’re more likely to stick to your diet.• Att counseling is an option, Or, consider going to your nearest crisis shelter. They have the crisis counselors and other resources. Or, if you already have a situation that you feel will be hard to overcome, consider attending a support group meeting. Many men attend these meetings as a spiritual opportunity and receive the support of other men. You can meet with a dietician as well and they can help you set weight loss plans.• If you would rather not go alone, then join a group that meets on this date. Most of these groups take business! You can also find a buddy to keep you going.• If you have a friend, call them and share what you are doing and have a long chat. You may even become an inspiration to your fellow raiders, just having someone there to share the same suffering as you, can be incredibly motivating.

Week Two

• Start conserving your calories. Week two is the time to burn more carbs and get off the plateau that the anabolic switch has set.• A safe amount of calories to lose weight increases by 25%. Extend your efforts by swelling your intake.• Continue the fluid increase with water.• Split your meals. Eat five to six meals throughout the day and don’t miss any.• Continue your strength training routines. Strength training keeps your metabolism elevated far longer than cardio or aerobics.• Get moving. You should push yourself; you won’t get where you want by sitting around.• At some point, you have to eat less calories than you are using. Adjust your intake accordingly.

Week Three

• Continue your effort by completing these Mediterranean Diet lifestyle changes:

• Get a little more active: Instead of watching television, go for a swim or get outside for a walk.• Still feel a need to splurge with the occasional sugary treat.• Continue listening to the message of increased activity.

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