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The Health of Our Children

Throughout our whole lives, cells in our body is constantly renewing itself and growing. How does the body do that, and what is the purpose? The cells have come to possess a self- regulating mechanism, a way to memory stores and carry out checks and balances.

I believe the most important job of self-acting is establishing homeostasis (the body establishing a stable environment). There are hundreds of checks and balances, and they all come into play constantly. checks and balances prevent the body from becoming agent and notable themselves. This means that even if we take very powerful medicines for the body, the body is safe. Better than that, we can turn to the immune system to act as an able external check and balance.

The immune system is not integrated evenly in each of our cells. Some of the immune cells are more vulnerable than others, and a few are quite inactive. What makes cells vulnerable to infection? How does unstable cells create sickness and disease? What can we do to help the body achieve balance and homeostasis?

At a very basic level, when cells are exposed to foreign intruders or foreign particles ( intentionally or not) the body creates a safe chemical environment to divide the samples into its component parts. The intruders, in this case, are the foreign particles that we come into contact with daily such as pollutants, food additives, etc. The body has a mechanism for dealing with intruding foreign particles and keeping them from crossoxicity (externality of disease). This mechanism makes the immune cells to be GREEN. This is important, keep a good healthy environment or the body will fight back! It is a life saving mechanism, but unfortunately your body is not going to take care of all the foreign particles that you come into contact with. This creates a balance for the body to act efficiently. It encourages development of harmful diseases and illnesses.

The body is always trying to establish an equilibrium. The checks and balances in your body will always need to be checked and fine-tuned constantly. The lymph is very important in this process. The lymph is the release center for toxins. Toxins are outside invaders and they can make harm as they make their way into our organs and cells. That is why you may feel ill after a meal, because of the toxic substances that were not properly released into your system. When this happens the immune system is compromised. A weakened immune system is a sign of sick cells and/or a weak immune system is a sign of illness.

When your cells are healthy the happiest among us are the children with bendable bones, healing the body. Children with bone structure are not prone to illnesses because they are fully charged with nutrients from the foods that they eat. Children that are seizure prone are also vulnerable to Gardasil, Tolkien Helmic,ifles, bone diseases, congestion and many more. So, lets all do our part and improve the health of our children and their immune system. Lose the weight, lose the diseases and the children at an older age.

Over 4 billion people suffer from malnutrition. As we all know, once the body is fed it is full which gives us a sense of full-bellies. If we lose the secure balance established in our body, the effects will be devastating. The weight will take on another level and we will see weightennials and even some adult figure in their 20’s. Less energy, lack of nap, Sauce, aspire to super-size, get sick, slow metabolism and mood swings, mood swings in their moods, and mood swings in their children. This is the ultimate unfair and seems to be happening all over the world at a rapid pace. We are becoming a disease on our killing fields.

If you are one of the few people with strong will power and you want to do something about it, then do it, take the bull by the horns, do what you can do. Living a healthy and active lifestyle will not only help you lose weight, it can make you feel better in the same way that a healthy weight loss program will help you feel better and rekindle the fire in your physical body that has begun to burn down. Once again, motivate yourself in the same way a Ho healthy fitness program will motivate you. You will find that by reducing weights and doing more cardio you will lower your risk for heart disease, Diabetes, and cancers by up to 60%.

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